About GST

Global Standard Technology Co., Ltd

GST (Global Standard Technology Co., Ltd) is an international corporation which serves semiconductor and display equipment market.

DJ Kim and his colleague JW Lee founded GST in 2001. GST was founded with a vision of positively affecting customers, employees and communities GST operates in while building a global technology company. A major breakthrough came in a form of multi-million dollar purchase order from Samsung for POU (point of use) abatement systems in 2005. GST stock went public in 2006 on KOSDAQ. GST has steadily grown into a leading scrubber product and service provider to semiconductor, display and the technology market. In 2012, GST achieved 3,500-unit milestone for abatement product installed base.


Year Revenue(US$ million)
2010 $42
2011 $37
2012 $58
2013 $73
2014 $81
2015 $76
*Exchange rate ₩1,100 = US$1

GST has a wide range of innovative abatement products for semiconductor industry. GST innovations include a unique dual stage combustion reactor for Dragon "Burn-Wet" scrubber. The GST reactor can be operated at a higher temperature than flameless burner for superior abatement efficiency while achieving NOx and CO emission level below 10 ppm. GST is investing in development and acquisition of novel abatement technologies to meet the requirements of today and future.

GST Headquarters
GST Headquarters
Headquarters Dongtan Industrial Complex
Headquarters, Dongtan Industrial Complex
Scrubber R&D Lab
Scrubber R&D Lab
Scrubber R&D Lab
Manufacturing Plant, Jincheon
Manufacturing Plant, Jincheon - 88,000 ft2
Scrubber Assembly Line
Scrubber Assembly Line &
Evaluation Unit Testing Area
Scrubber Assembly Line